Do more with your home care package

Do more with your Home Care Package

At Hills Nursing we like to make home care easy, so we now summarise your Monthly Home Care Package Statements so you can clearly see the extra home care hours available to you.

Your Home Care Package can fund so much more for you and we do encourage you to use these funds. Note: If you leave the home care package for any reason, in accordance with your home care agreement, the bulk of this money will be returned to the government.

Think about some things you would like to do?

  • Additional shopping
  • Visiting friends
  • Additional care
  • Social outings and transport
  • Additional home and garden support?

Ask yourself;

  • Are the current services you have in place meeting your needs?
  • Do you need extra time with your Care Worker during each visit?
  • Do you want to take the load off your family members?

You can call us today on 1300 13 13 93 and we can talk through a number of different options to help support you today.